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An interactive course for new and experienced reviewers of health and social care research, which has been produced by a team of public reviewers and patient and public involvement professionals with the NIHR.


Introduction to Health Technology Assessment – Learn about health technology assessment (HTA) and quality of life (QoL), and how they’re used to decide which treatments to fund

Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges – The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is increasing, explore the challenges and opportunities AI presents.

The Power of Data in Health and Social Care – Discover the power of data analytics for individuals and organisations working in health and social care.

Nanotechnology for Health: Innovative Designs for Medical Diagnosis – Discover how types of nanotechnology can be used for exciting new opportunities in healthcare.

Ultrasound Imaging: What Is Inside? – Understand the technology of ultrasound, see how it is used in clinical practice and learn how to improve medical imaging.

Measuring and Valuing Health – Learn how patient-reported outcome measures and quality-adjusted life years can compare treatments and inform health spending.

Health Technology Assessment: Choosing Which Treatments Get Funded – Enhance your understanding of how new drugs and treatments are adopted by health services through health technology assessments.

MedTech: Trends and Product Design – Explore the product design process of MedTech devices and examine future trends in healthcare technology and the MedTech industry.

MedTech: Digital Health and Wearable Technology – Discover digital health and learn how wearable technology is transforming healthcare with this online MedTech course.

MedTech: AI and Medical Robots – Explore human robot interaction and enter the fascinating world of robotics and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Digital Health for Cancer Management: Smart Health Technologies in Complex Diseases – Learn how new digital health technologies are transforming cancer management with this course for healthcare professionals.