Feasibility and Technology Development

Technology stage:  I have already demonstrated proof-of-concept and would like support with prototyping, conducting feasibility testing or running a feasibility study to establish suitable level of performance

Our offering:

  • access to academic, clinical and industry collaborators for feasibility studies
  • identification of additional funding sources for technology development
  • designing and conducting usability studies to improve and validate technology for use in a healthcare setting
  • developing feasibility trial protocols and include early health economics models
  • opportunity for patients and the public to provide input for feasibility study design

Supporting facilities:

Next steps:  We can discuss your options for sustainability and net carbon zero with our experts, and start initial conversations with NHS reimbursement partners.  We also have access to venture builders and funders.

Useful Links

Helping you navigate the world of medical device regulation – RegMetrics helps you navigate the world of medical device regulation.

NIHR Innovation ObservatoryNICE will only consider reviewing a technology once it has first been through an initial filtering process managed by us at the NIHR Innovation Observatory.

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